Thank You

…for making an amazing difference!

Your enrolment is a step towards helping so many good causes we are supporting this year as well as the groups such as Scouts and Alzheimer’s Society who help us run the event.

You will shortly receive two emails one is a copy of your ride details and the other is a receipt for your payment.

Keep a look out for your start time and rider number which will be emailed to you in the next few days.

Thank you for your enrolment

YOU have the power to…

Make this event the biggest of its kind in the area! Please can you help us to achieve this, there are so many charities that we can help together.

What can I do:

  • Tweet or “like” us on our Facebook page. 
  • If your workplace has a magazine perhaps they may be interested in doing an article about you and your involvement in the 3ccr event.
  • Send an invitation using the simple form below to some of your friends/family/colleagues inviting them to join you on the day.

Send Invitations

Please complete this simple form and we will send it to your listed friends/family/colleagues email addresses on your behalf. The form will alow you to send from one to a maximum of six invitations, Please note that we will include your phone number in the invite we send so that they can ring you, if they wish, to confirm that the message is not a scam.

If you are able to raise a little more money for us this will go even further in supporting the charities:

Download the 3ccr Sponsorship pdf form. Ensure that your sponsors complete names, addresses and the gift aid box (if applicable) on the form.

After the event, please follow the details within the pdf for payment of the money you have raised.

Use JustGiving as an alternative for the payment sponsorship monies. Click on the button below and follow the simple instructions to set up a web page with your details for this cycling event. Then e-mail your JustGiving web page link to any potential sponsors referring them to your link for their sponsorship. This saves you the trouble of collecting money and then sending it to us.

If you would rather give a donation than ask for sponsorship this can be done through JustGiving to our charity.

Click on the button below then select the JustGiving “Give Now” button then choose the amount you want to donate and then follow the simple instructions to complete your donation.

Once again many thanks for your enrolment – we will be in touch with your rider number and start time.