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The event is on the 2nd of June 2024.
Entry: £20.00 and £1.00 for under 18 riders.
Entry on the day: £25.00 and £1.00 for under 18 riders.

Conditions Of Entry

  1. Riders MUST wear a cycle helmet.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone on the day of the event.
  3. Participants ride entirely at their own risk. The Organisers cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage.
  4. Unroadworthy cycles will NOT be allowed to take part.
  5. Participants must comply with any instructions given by the police, or the course marshals. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  6. Under 18 riders can ONLY ride as part of a group and must have parent / guardian consent. They MUST be accompanied around the whole of their ride by AT LEAST one 18 or Over rider.
  7. Enrolment fees can not be deferred to future years and are non refundable.
  8. By enrolling in the event or by being enrolled by someone else on your behalf, you agree to us publishing images of yourself on our website and our facebook page. You are entitled to ask us, in writing, to remove any images we have published of yourself.

What Happens To Your Data

  1. To organise the 3CCR we will store any of your personal details we need in a locked Excel spreadsheet that will have a limited distribution among the organisers.
  2. The spreadsheets and any emails containing your personal data will be deleted in February in the following year.
  3. The 3CCR organisers will not share any of your personal information with any other third party unless they have your consent.
  4. We will automatically add your first and last name plus your email address to a database we use for sending emails regarding the event. Any information we send will be about current and future events. At any time you can unsubscribe from these emails by clicking on the link in the footer of these emails.

Route Descriptions & Maps

Just click/tap on the button to link to the website for more route details.
Please note that all routes are subject to minor changes.

A family friendly route. Estimated ride time around one and half hours.

NO drink stations on this route.

A moderately challenging route. Estimated ride time around three hours - without any stops.
TWO drink stations on this route:
Dunsden Green
Approximately 12 miles from the start.
Opens at 09:00 closes at 12.00
Note the 34 and 52 mile routes divide at this point - please check the signage carefully.
St Marys & St Nicholas Church, Remenham Lane
Approximately 19 miles from the start.
Opens 10:00 closes at 15:00

A more challenging route. Estimated ride time around four and half hours - without any stops.
THREE drink stations on this route:
Dunsden Green
Approximately 12 miles from the start.
Opens at 09:00 closes at 12.00
Note the 34 and 52 mile routes divide at this point - please check the signage carefully.
The Tree Barn, Greenfield Farm, Christmas Common
Approximately 26 miles from the start.
Opens at 10:00 closes at 14.00
St Marys & St Nicholas Church, Remenham Lane
Approximately 37 miles from the start.
Opens 10:00 closes at 15:00

Fund Raising

Powered By You

We invite you to join us and raise money for your own chosen charity. However, because we are a “not for profit” charity, once we have paid all of the events outgoings and set aside a seed fund for the following year’s event any surplus money we have will be going to …TBA.
If you would simply like to make a donation to the charity we are supporting this year please click on the Donate button or their logo.

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Last Entries

Last online entries must be sent no later than Friday 31st of May 2024.
Late entries received by post in the week starting the 27th of May will be processed, however, rider number and start times will be supplied at check in.

On The Day

Approach Garth Hill College via Bull Lane (note Sandy Lane is a no through road for cars). Cars can be parked in the Garth Hill College car park. In the event of the College car park being full then you can park in any of the town’s car parks including Albert Road Car Park, which is nearest to the College, but please remember to pay the fee to avoid a penalty.
The first riders will depart at around 08.00. The latest starting time possible is 09.30. The routes will be fully sign posted, and there will be marshals at all important junctions. If you experience any problems with your cycle, or you become unwell or hurt, the route will be patrolled by stewards with mobile telephones. There are also communication links at our checkpoints. We will endeavour to provide appropriate assistance where practical.
For the event only we have an emergency number: 07835 260107. This number is intended for minor instances (lost, breakdown, etc.). For accident emergency services call the normal 999.

Check In Procedure

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time, ready to check in 15 minutes before you are due to set off from Garth Hill College.
Follow the signs to the check-in point. Here you will be given your Bike Ride Number.

At The Finish

At the finish in Garth Hill College, go to the check-in area where you will be given your medal, a drink and a certificate that shows you have completed your chosen ride.
If you have any queries regarding the payment of your Sponsorship money into the Three Counties Cycle Ride account please ask any of the organisers for information.

After The Event

Please keep an eye on the Photos page for pictures of the event and announcements for the next event.
If you have any feedback about the event we would greatly appreciate your comments – please use the Contact Us form.


  • Practice as much as possible during the weeks before the ride – it will make the ride much more enjoyable if your muscles are tuned-up for cycling.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before the ride, and have a good breakfast on the day of the event.
  • Check that your bike is roadworthy – check the tyres, brakes and all cables. If you are not sure how to do this take your cycle to a local bike shop. A Bracknell shop is Trek (postcode RG12 1NY) or you could try Berkshire Cycle Company – both of these companies support our event.
  • The most common breakdown is a puncture, so please check you have at least enough tools to carry out a repair. We recommend you have a spare inner tube and don’t forget the pump!
  • Bring some food to nibble; chocolate and fruit are a good idea. Note: drinks will be available at the drink stations.
  • Ride at a leisurely pace. Enjoy the countryside, remember THIS IS NOT A RACE.
  • Wear clothing – or reflective material – that will make you visible to motorists.
  • If you do not have some sort of eye protection we recommend you buy some safety specs.
  • Carry some cash with you, in case your bike breaks down. Our recovery vehicles will carry out repairs, but there will be a charge for parts.
  • In the event of an emergency our recovery vehicle can bring you and your bike back to the start point.