3ccr Start 2021

The following were taken down verbatim when we could

“Well run as always.”

“Great ride. Well signed.”

“Really well signposted. Really well.”

“Really good ride.”

“Very pretty route.”

“I have never ridden with you before and I rode the 15. Coming back next year to do the 30.”

“Excellent signage.”

“Thank you to everyone.”

“What a lovely day for it. Well done.”

“Lovely volunteers.”

“Well signed. Well organized.”

“Thank you for organising the weather too!”

“Well signed, well marshaled. Thank you very much for organising the event.”

“Good route.”

“The marshals are friendly and encouraging!”

“One of the best cycle rides I have been on.”

“Well organized. Coming back next year.”

“Never done it before. What a great route- can I make a donation?”