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Welcome to our “adapted” 3ccr website – please excuse any references to the 3ccr. For 2020 we are calling this the COVID-19 Community Challenge which is all about having fun.

We want to try to do something that will show our appreciation of the heroes within our chosen 2020 charities: Thames Valley Air Ambulance, Daisy’s Dream and Breakthrough Learning.

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Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance
Breakthrough Learning
Daisy's Dream

Our challenge is how far can you cycle, row, run or walk from 12 noon on the 8th May to 12 noon on the 7th June (31 days)? We have no way of checking distances so this challenge relies on your honesty. How you clock up your distance can be a combination of indoor exercise plus part of your once a day exercise.

If you want to be involved with the challenge you must be enrolled on or BEFORE the 7th May. During the challenge you MUST maintain social distancing and apart from the once a day exercise stay at home to save lives.

You can enter the challenge as an Individual or as a Team/Family. If you want to enter as a Team/Family we would like you to do this on one form to keep admin to a minimum. However, through separate forms there will be an option for individuals to add themselves to an existing team if this is done on or before the 7th May.

Publishable inventive names for Individuals and Teams/Families are welcome such as: Atlantic Rower II if rowing or perhaps Viral Warrior if you are counting steps. To see an example go to the 2020 Photos. This person’s publishable name is “Hogs Do Row” and their challenge is rowing 155 miles.

We suggest you spend some time working out what you are prepared to commit to for your challenge before you send it to us. When the challenge starts keep a note, perhaps in a diary, spreadsheet or just a notepad of how you are doing.

What is the cost to be involved?

Absolutely nothing but we do hope you will attempt to get sponsorship through a Justgiving page or you will make use of the Donation button BUT this is entirely up to you.

What do we want from you?

We want pictures of you exercising and if it is in fancy dress so much the better. Basically if you can bring a smile to someone’s face that would be excellent. These picture will be published in the website gallery so please bear this in mind – don’t send anything that you don’t want published. Please feel free to publish photos and amusing stories on our facebook page to keep the fun going.

At the end of the 31 days let us know how you did.

What have you got to do?

You need to commit to a challenging distance in Miles over the 31 days. Whatever that target is – you decide but please make it a worthwhile challenge. How you reach your target over the 31 days can be by a combination of cycling, rowing, running and walking or just cycling etc.

If you are a team maybe you can have some fun doing the challenge using video streaming.

At the end of the challenge

Let us know how you got on with meeting your target and we will send you a commemorative electronic pdf – very similar to the ones we give out for the normal 3ccr event.

If you are on your own put your right arm over your left shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 Seriously this all about you.

We have all been told that exercise is good for mental and physical wellbeing and during this period of isolation we should set achievable targets.